Can’t Keep Your New Year’s Resolution? Why It's Not Your Fault

Valley Cottage, NY (PRWEB) January 09, 2014

This New Year, millions of people will make a pledge to improve their health through diet and exercise. Yet before making this promise, one should know that it is not just a battle against motivation. It has become common knowledge that people harbor millions of toxic chemicals within their bodies, and recent studies, including a 2011 investigation on Bisphenol A, demonstrate a direct correlation between toxicity levels, weight gain, lack of weight loss, and unexplained illnesses.

Toxins come in the forms of heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, and countless others, and unavoidably enter the body through air, food, and water. It’s near impossible to get rid of these poisonous materials, as they are stored away in cells, disrupting the body’s everyday functions.

So now that it’s known that toxins are slowing dieters down, how do they get rid of them?

Natural detoxifiers have become quite popular in helping to flush out these latent toxins. Detoxifiers vary in their intensity and affinity for attracting certain harmful chemicals. Here are 5 natural detoxifiers that can help deliver a balanced detox:

Chlorella is a type algae that grows in fresh water. It has a knack for drawing out heavy metals, which have accumulated within the intestinal track, as well as treating hypertension and high cholesterol.

Spirulina is another detoxifying algae that is used for weight-loss. It works especially well in pulling lead, cadmium, and other radioactive materials out of cells. It is also a good source of dietary protein and B-Vitamins, a great energy booster for detoxing or dieting.

Cilantro, commonly used for spicing up foods, is an anti-oxidant that is highly effective in removing arsenic and mercury. It also may help to balance the body’s blood sugar levels by burning sugar instead of storing it as fat.

Apple Pectin
Pectin, a fiber found in fruits, has been used to make many medicines for years, mainly to combat high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes. Apple pectin has shown to be effective against detoxing from pharmaceutical drugs, in addition to heavy metals and radiation.

Zeolite, a natural mineral, is the most powerful of these detoxifiers, and is able to absorb a variety of heavy metals and radioactive materials throughout the entire body. Zeolite also helps to balance the body’s pH levels. This is important because recent studies have shown a link between the pH level in the blood and obesity.

Usually, an individual might choose to take one of these detoxifiers at a time, which would focus on removing only some of these toxic materials. But what if all these detoxifiers were taken at once? A large variety of dangerous materials would be pulled out the body, with a huge positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Royal Detox is one such product that delivers all these powerful natural detoxifiers in a single dose! This proprietary formulated supplement contains efficacious amounts of spirulina, chlorella, cilantro, apple pectin, and zeolite required for highly effective detoxing.

Take note: Before beginning a detoxing regime, it is necessary to be aware that there is a chance of experiencing a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction (or Healing Crisis). This is when people experience flu-like symptoms because their bodies are being exposed to the poisonous chemicals being drawn out of their cells. This can be the case with the all the detoxifiers listed above, except for zeolite. Zeolite traps toxins within its structure through attraction and these toxins are never re-exposed to the body. The zeolite particle then serves as a transportation vehicle for the toxin or heavy metal to exit the body. Since Royal Detox contains zeolite, in addition to the other ingredients, there is no healing crisis. This makes Royal Detox a far superior and progressive detoxifier beyond anything that is currently offered on the market.

This New Year, before even beginning to consider improving one’s health through diet and exercise, remember that a strong foundation for health must first be laid down by removing all these harmful toxins that have been secretly wreaking havoc within the body. Compared to all other natural detoxifiers, Royal Detox is the best detoxifying product to get started on the path to better health.

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