ESDIFAN, Take back your Life!

Esdifan is a natural diarrhea remedy from ZEO Health. This supplement not only stops diarrhea naturally, but also helps with sour stomach and eases the discomfort associated with diarrhea.

Esdifan is an effective natural alternative to alleviating diarrhea fast.


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Esdifan is a natural product that helps to stop diarrhea fast, without the side effects of common medications. This unique blend of Zeolite, Calcium, and Vitamin B-12 was formulated specifically for long-time sufferers of diarrhea, and is highly dynamic in the way it works. Some of Esdifan’s features include the ability to…

  • remove excess fluids, acid, and toxins from the digestive tract
  • firm stools
  • replenish lost B-12 and increase energy levels
  • improve nutrient absorption
  • calm the bowels, so that they body can heal naturally
  • highly effective Zeolite body cleanse, which removes toxins that can cause diarrhea

Esdifan contains a larger Zeolite particle size, so that it will stay in the digestive tract longer.  It has proven to work for over 80% of the population, so it is worth a try to see if this product might work for you!

The Zeolite found in Esdifan is mined and processed specifically for human consumption. It is the purest, highest quality Zeolite on the market, thus making it the most potent health supplement for detoxing heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins.

Each bottle of Esdifan contains 90 capsules. 


  • Take 2 capsules.
Esdifan is a natural solution to stopping chronic diarrhea fast. Esdifan has proven to work for individuals suffering from Crohn's disease, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.