ZEOLITE PURE, Nature's Detoxifier

Zeolite Pure is the most economical solution to taking advantage of Zeolite's amazing natural physical properties. Used as a daily detoxifier and to balance pH levels, Zeolite Pure will cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals by delivering you the most Zeolite per dose.

Zeolite Pure is a large container of the highest quality Zeolite powder. The Zeolite in Zeolite Pure is mirconized very finely, so that it allows for the Zeolite to circulate throughout the entire body.


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Zeolite Pure is the most economical of all ZEO Health’s Zeolite products. Each container is filled with 400 grams of the purest Zeolite powder, and supplies about 80 plus servings.  Each serving consists of about 3.5 to 5 grams of zeolite, which is the dosage that has been found to be most effective in studies. Zeolite Pure powder is finely micronized and easily mixes into water, juice, smoothies, or creamy foods like yogurt.  

The Zeolite found in Zeolite Pure is mined and processed specifically for human consumption. It is the purest, highest quality Zeolite on the market, thus making it the most potent health supplement for detoxing heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins. Zeolite Pure is the most effective Zeolite body cleanse detoxification supplement on the market.

Zeolite Pure is the most economical choice for any Zeolite supplement. Zeolite Pure contains 400 grams, or about 1 pound, of the purest Zeolite for any Zeolite based supplement.


  • As a daily detoxifier and to alkalize your body- Take 1 scoop (1g).