What Makes ZEO Health's Zeolite Superior?


We start with the cleanest Zeolite on Earth. Then we mine specifically for human consumption from the only mine in the world that does this. The Zeolite is then intensely washed with purified water and prepared to ensure a standardized cat-ion capacity and clean cage. The Zeolite is then put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure quality and safety is maintained for human consumption for the most thorough Zeolite body cleanse possible. It is thoroughly dried and then MICRONIZED to the smallest powdered particle size, thus allowing it to penetrate throughout the body and even through the blood brain barrier to safely remove disease causing toxic heavy metals that include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, barium, and other toxic chemicals.


The CEC Rating measures the ability of the Zeolite to absorb toxins and heavy metals.  Zeolites with higher ratings have better absorption capabilities.

  • ZEO Health LTD. CEC Rating = 170 - 190 meq / 100 grams
  • The Micron Size of Destroxin, Zeolite-AV, and Zeolite Pure = 0 - 40 microns.
  • The Micron Size of Esdifan = 0 - 150 microns.



Zeolite Mining

ZEO Health gets the purest Zeolite possible from a source outside of the USA. It is mined in a way that is specific for human consumption. Though we do not divulge our source, we can assure that our Zeolite is not from North America and not from Asia, where contaminated Zeolite deposits are known to be from.

ZEO Health mines their Zeolite from the purest deposit on Earth. Despite it's natural purity, ZEO Health always have the Zeolite tested from mold, bacteria, and any heavy metal contamination.

Quality Control Testing

After receiving our Zeolite from the mine, it is immediately sent to a third party lab to be tested for heavy metal, mold, or bacteria contamination.


Despite its high purity, ZEO Health's Zeolite is put through a cleaning process that ensure the cages of the Zeolite is empty. 

Cleaning (Proprietary Cat-Ion Exchange Process)

Though our Zeolite is the purest known on Earth, it is put through a special process that pulls any impurities out the the Zeolite that may be lingering in the cage.



Zeolite Micronization is an expensive process that Zeolite supplement companies rarely invest in.  Micronization is important for Zeolite supplements because the smaller Zeolite particles are able to leave the gut, circulate throughout the body, and travel deeper into tissues and between cells for a more thorough detox. 

*A majority of other Zeolite supplement companies rely on milling to reduce the particle size. Milling, conducted at the mine, is where the Zeolite is crushed by machines, causing the structure of the Zeolite to be compromised.


Heating and Drying

Zeolite is often filled with moisture, which causes mold to grow in the supplement containers. ZEO Health always dries and sterilizes our Zeolite, in order to ensure that no mold will grow.

Heating and drying is a necessary step for sterilization of Zeolite in order to make it suitable for human consumption. At the mine, Zeolite is wet down in order to make it more manageable and easier to transport. Heating and drying evaporates any excess water and also sterilizes it.

Again, most Zeolite supplement companies fail to heat and dry their Zeolite because it is another added cost that they don't want to pay. Yet, it has proved to be a necessary step in the processing of Zeolite for supplementation, since dangerously high amounts of mold growth has recently been discovered in Zeolite supplements that skip heating and drying their Zeolite.


Quality Control Testing

After receiving our Zeolite from processing, it is immediately sent to a third party lab to be tested for heavy metal, mold, or bacteria contamination.



ZEO Health's manufacturing facility strictly abides by GMP protocols.

Bulk Zeolite is sent to our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility where is manufactured into our products under the most strict and sterile conditions.

Before sell any of our products to our customers, Quality control tests each batch to make sure that the product is of the highest quality.

Quality Control Testing

Every single lot of every product we make is tested for contamination and quality in order to ensure that we are delivering to our customers Zeolite body cleanse supplements of the utmost quality.