ZEOLITE-AV, Nature's Viral Defender

Zeolite-AV is comprised of a natural mineral with a structure that traps and removes the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals locked inside of the body. The vegetable capsules also include a concentrated humic acid that helps give your immune system the boost it needs!

Zeolite-AV is a unique blend of high quality Zeolite and concentrated humic acid. Zeolite-AV is one of ZEO Health's most powerful immune boosting products.


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Zeolite-AV is a powerful immune booster made from a proprietary blend of Zeolite and Humic Acid. Humic Acid is an organic substance naturally found in our food supply. It is highly rich in nutrients, which helps strengthens the immune system. The Humic Acid in Zeolite AV is mined specifically for human consumption, and it is a very potent, concentrated form, making it a highly effective Zeolite body cleanse for getting you healthy again.

The Zeolite found in Zeolite-AV is also mined and processed specifically for human consumption. It is the purest, highest quality Zeolite on the market, thus making it the most potent health supplement for detoxing heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins, while balancing pH. 

* Each bottle of Zeolite-AV contains 90 capsules.

Zeolite-AV contains 90 capsules of highly potent Zeolite and Humic Acid. Zeolite AV is perfect for defeating chronic viruses that hide from the immune system.


  • Take 2 capsules.

Why is Humic Acid so important in our diets?

“One obvious example of missing nutrients is in humate levels…. Humates, found in soils, are crucial for the growth of every single plant on Earth by providing them with essential nutrients and energy. In turn, people indirectly absorb the vital nutrients provided by humates through ingesting vegetation. Monocrops, growing the same crops year after year on the same land, strip the land of humates, causing crops to have significantly less nutritional value….” Read Full Article